Company history

About Hirko KFT. The Company was established on 28 June 1989 as a fully Hungarian-owned Limited Partnership (Bt.) of two general partners and one limited partner. Initially the Company manufactured electrical cabinets and transformers.

Our clients included: Tungsram Kaposvár (Kaposvár), Híradásipari Anyagok Gyára (Vác), Videoton Székesfehérvár, MAV Vagongyártó és Javító Kft. (Dunakeszi). During the first years of its operations the Company had three employees besides the founding partners. Over the years the Company’s headcount increased to 15. Our sales revenue has increased to about 15 times the first years’ amounts. By way of a capital investment project we built up a new plant where we have been operating ever since its completion. We are planning to construct a new shop to accommodate our expanded range of activities.

The direction of our investments and the range of our operations have been gradually altered and expanded over the years, in response to changes in the market and in the demands of our customers. We started to manufacture manual packaging tools /plastic strapping machines, foil wrapping machines etc./ and components for passenger rail cars, and now we are turning out some 1,800 different products. Our clients in the packaging sector include: M.J. Maillis Kft. Kaposplast Kft. Céh Kft. Reményi és Társa Kft. Hungaropack Kft. Mű-Pack Kft. and Mini Pack and other undertakings engaged in packaging operations all over Hungary, along with some large customer /Jamina Rt. Elektrolux etc./. Through who lesalers our products find their way to the markets of neighbouring countries too.

Our passenger rail car components are sold to Bombardier MAV Dunakeszi Kft., MAV Gépészeti ZRt., Északi Járműjavító Kft., MAV Szolnoki Járműjavító Kft., MAV Vasjárműjavító Kft. Szombathely, BKV Járműjavító Kft. etc.

As a result of its unbroken growth and development the general partnership transformed into a limited liability company (Kft.) on 5 May 2000. Owing to the wide range of our operations our manufacturing processes include machine cutting and metal plate working – and the operation of and their machinery – along with welding technologies, whose continued development and improvement is an unceasing process.

The Company is operating CNC metal plate processing machines, including hydraulic plate shears (up to 3000 mm and 6 mm), a hydraulic press brake (2500 mm 50 t) and a plasma cutter (3000 mm x 1500 mm), eccentric and hydraulic press machines from 10 to 63 tonnes, a CNC lathe of a throughput capacity up to 52 mm, CNC vertical milling centre up to 760x520x520 mm, as well as universal lathes, cutting machines and welding machines – AFI, AWI etc.

Thanks to the steady progress and development and in view of the requirements of our partners referred to above, we have introduced the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. This has resulted in more closely controlled and improved work processes, which has enabled us to maintain our market share.

For instance, we successfully participated – in cooperation with Bombardier Transportation MAV Hungary Kft. – in the manufacture nearly three hundred new units of railway cars of a variety of types for Greek, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian customers.